Gynaecologist Westmead Sydney NSW

Gynaecologist Westmead Sydney NSW

We provide an atmosphere where women can feel comfortable and relaxed

  • Diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis and other sources of pelvic pain
  • Full range of pelvic ultrasound imaging available
  • Committed and reliable clinical team
  • Specialists in pelvic ultrasound

At the Centre for Women’s Ultrasound, you will receive specialist care with a supporting team who will go above and beyond to help women feel relaxed and comfortable. We understand that gynaecological concerns can cause anxiety and are very personal, so please know that our team is dedicated to your comfort. We provide the full spectrum of services so you can rest assured that you will receive comprehensive and expert care when you visit us.

Our Gynaecological Scans

Diagnosing and treating pelvic pain

Our wide range of services are aimed at providing investigation and diagnosis of pelvic pain. Many women experience pelvic pain for many years and this continuing pain can impact a woman’s physical and emotional health. Pelvic pain and menstrual problems can be caused by a number of different factors and are common causes of referral for a pelvic scan.

Symptoms include:

  • Constant and/or severe pain
  • Dull aching
  • Sharp pains or cramping
  • Compression or heaviness deep within your pelvis

The symptoms of pelvic pain are not limited to just the pelvic area. Many women can experience pain passing urine, when opening the bowels, during intercourse or when sitting for extended periods of time.

Your doctor is likely to recommend a pelvic/gynaecological ultrasound so that your pelvic pathology can be investigated. This will facilitate your doctor in creating a treatment plan for you.

Gynaecological ultrasound

Because we’re all different, gynaecological conditions require a breadth of knowledge, understanding and specialist management.

At the Centre for Women’s Ultrasound, gynaecological ultrasound is provided by highly skilled staff using the most advanced ultrasound technology to investigate menstrual, reproductive and other gynaecological problems. Our sonographers are specially trained in technical skills and the clinical knowledge to identify gynaecological pathology and your scan will be reviewed by our gynaecologists regarding the presence and implications of any findings.

The best time for a pelvic ultrasound examination is just after your period has finished, when the lining of the uterus is nice and thin, so any abnormalities in it are easily seen. Later in the cycle the endometrium becomes very thick and bright. This makes some pathology like polyps more difficult to see.

In most cases of a pelvic/gynaecological ultrasound examination, we would recommend proceeding to a transvaginal scan to get better resolution and detailed images of your pelvis. This option will be discussed with you and a transvaginal scan will only be performed with your consent.

Other diagnostic equipment

As well as routine 2D ultrasound, special techniques such as 3D imaging, sonohysterogram, and combined 3D/sonohysterogram are available to better define uterine structure and endometrial pathology.

The advantage of 3D imaging in gynaecological scanning is that it reveals the coronal plane which is not well seen with 2D scanning. 3D imaging is therefore particularly useful for detailed assessment of variations in uterine formation such as a bicornuate or septated uterus.

Gynaecologist Westmead Sydney

At the Centre for Women’s Ultrasound, A/Prof. Alahakoon is your experienced and caring female gynaecologist. Together with our specialist team, we offer high quality care for women of all ages.