Preparing for your ultrasound appointment

Preparing for your ultrasound appointment

preparing for your ultrasound

If you’re about to attend a pregnancy ultrasound with the Centre For Women’s Ultrasound, you’re probably both nervous and excited! Add in a dash of baby brain, and you might find you’ve completely forgotten the things we told you on the phone. So, for all you excited mamas-to-be, we’ve created a handy guide to being ready for your appointment.

Bring your referral

While a referral isn’t necessary to attend the Centre For Women’s Ultrasound, if you do have one from your GP or specialist, please do bring it along with you so the Medicare funded amount can be refunded. It’s important to note that scans performed without a referral from your GP or specialist do not qualify for a Medicare refund. So if you do have one, you’ll definitely want to bring it!

Wear comfortable clothing

When you attend your pregnancy ultrasounds, we need to be able to conduct the scan on the bare skin of your stomach. We suggest you keep this in mind when you’re getting dressed on the day of your appointment and wear something that is both comfortable for you while you lay on the bed, and easy for us to get to your stomach! You might want to skip a jumpsuit or dress in favour of a top with a skirt or pants so that getting ready for the scan doesn’t have to involve you taking everything off. Of course we’ll work with you no matter what you’re wearing on the day, so don’t stress if you are wearing a dress or jumpsuit! We’ll always help to make sure you’re covered and comfortable during your appointment regardless.

Drink two glasses of water

In the hour before your pelvic ultrasound appointment, you’ll need to drink two glasses of water. You don’t need to drink any more than this or you’ll risk end up feeling uncomfortable! The reason we ask you to drink this water prior to your ultrasound is that it makes trans-abdominal examinations a little easier for us. We certainly don’t want you to have your bladder so full that you’re uncomfortable, so if you are feeling any discomfort at any time, please let us know.

Just relax

We promise there’s nothing scary about getting an ultrasound, and it’s not at all harmful for you or your baby. Hopefully you’re just excited about seeing your little one, but if you are at all stressed, or you have had a bad ultrasound experience previously, please let our staff know and we’ll be able to take extra steps to keep you calm and comfortable so you enjoy the experience.

Pregnancy ultrasound Bella Vista and Westmead, Sydney

The Centre For Women’s Ultrasound has two convenient locations at Westmead and Bella Vista in Sydney’s northwest. Headed by well-respected obstetrician Dr Indika Alahakoon, The Centre For Women’s Ultrasound provides specialist expertise with caring service and the highest quality imaging. Our all-female team are highly trained in all areas of women’s ultrasound, including pregnancy and gynaecological scans, and Dr Indika is available to provide specialised interpretations of results when it is required. When you choose the Centre For Women’s Ultrasound, you choose far more than just a happy snap of your baby.