Why would invasive prenatal testing be recommended?

Why would invasive prenatal testing be recommended?

invasive prenatal testing

Invasive prenatal testing may be recommended if early warning signs are identified in either your nuchal translucency scan (at 11 weeks) or your fetal morphology scan (at 19 weeks).

During your nuchal translucency scan we may locate extra fluid gathered at the back of the fetus’ neck, which can be an indication of Down syndrome and other disorders. In order to investigate this further your specialist at the Centre for Women’s Ultrasound may recommend an invasive prenatal test such as an amniocentesis or chorionic villous sampling (CVS) test where a small amount of fluid or tissue is extracted from around the baby or your placenta using an extremely fine needle. You will be given local anaesthetic for CVS and your specialist will inform you thoroughly prior to the procedure so you fully understand what’s to be expected.

Patient education is extremely important to us, as it not only means you can make an informed decision but in most cases this can also ease anxiety as you will feel in control of the situation. Although risks are rare, you will be in expert hands with our extensive experience of diagnostic procedures.

Visit a specialist for your obstetrical and gynaecological needs

Due to the risks revolving around pregnancy it is important that you visit specialists experienced in the care of pregnant women. We will ensure you are well informed and comfortable throughout each of our tests and scans.