Fetal Morphology Scan Sydney NSW

A fetal morphology scan or anomaly scan is a routine ultrasound performed to review the detailed structure of the baby and is recommended at 19-20 weeks gestation for all pregnancies.

At Centre for Women’s Ultrasound this scan is provided by staff highly skilled in obstetric ultrasound. This is a standard ultrasound procedure to confirm the health of the baby.

This ultrasound scan will provide information regarding:

  • Number of fetuses – single or twin pregnancy
  • Measurements of the fetus confirming the age and normal growth
  • Detailed structural review of the fetus to exclude fetal abnormalities
  • Placental position and cervical length
  • Gender (if desired by the parents)

The purpose of this scan is to ensure the healthy development of your baby which will involve assessing many specific areas such as the fetal heart, spine, head, stomach, kidneys, face and facial structure. This is to ensure that any issues are confirmed early on and can be prepared for.

If an abnormality is detected during routine scanning with your sonographer, our specialist Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist with further training in fetal ultrasound is available to scan and consult for confirmation and will guide you and your obstetrician in further management.

We provide support if a problem arises

Although problems are rare, if your morphology scan detects possible signs determining an increased risk for chromosomal abnormalities, counselling and immediate amniocentesis can be offered. Further management and follow-up of a high risk pregnancy with genetic, surgical and paediatric referral can be arranged if required. If you are faced with any difficult decisions please rest assured that our team are very experienced, not only in diagnosis, but support of the parents in the case of abnormalities. If you have any questions at all regarding what we can provide in this situation please let our team know.

Do you need a second opinion on diagnosed fetal abnormalities?

In addition to routine scanning, we offer tertiary / second opinion obstetric scans for previously diagnosed or suspected fetal abnormalities.  A consultation with our high risk obstetric consultant / maternal fetal medicine specialist is available to counsel regarding any concerns.

3D/4D imaging

We also provide 3D/4D imaging with all of our fetal morphology scans. This will allow you to have a greater view of your baby and digital Images via Trice are available on request as an additional option. For more information on 3D/4D imaging please see here.