Gender Scan (16-31 Weeks)

Gender Scan (16-31 Weeks)

It is a popular choice to find out the gender of the baby before the birth

While not all parents want to know, Centre for Women’s Ultrasound is happy to offer a gender identification scan from weeks 16 to 31 during your pregnancy. Many parents wish to find out the gender of their baby so that they can start planning accordingly as well as make an announcement to family and friends.

If you don’t wish to know the sex of the baby then this scan is not necessary and you can continue with other routine scans performed by our clinic. Our sonographers will keep this information confidential so that you will be surprised at the time of birth.

Is it recommended to find out the gender of the baby?

There are rare medical conditions such as haemophilia that involve male fetuses and babies, where gender identification is important in the management of the pregnancy and delivery. Most parents choose to find out from a practical point of view so that they can prepare themselves emotionally, select a name and let friends and family know.

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