Obstetrical Ultrasound Packages Westmead and Bella Vista, Sydney

Obstetrical Ultrasound Packages Westmead and Bella Vista, Sydney

Ultrasounds are an important part of your pregnancy to ensure your baby is remaining healthy

At the Centre for Women’s Ultrasound, we will provide you with the utmost care during your pregnancy. Our aim is to ensure you and your baby remain healthy, and the best way to do this is through regular ultrasounds. These ultrasounds allow us to monitor the size of the baby, how well the baby’s heart works, how well other organs (such as the brain and kidneys) are growing and the anticipated date of your baby’s birth. These ultrasounds packages have been put together to benefit you and your new family in the best possible way – they make great gifts too!

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This ultrasound package, which covers all the pregnancy essentials, could be the perfect gift to celebrate your loved one’s pregnancy.

Package includes:

  • Nuchal translucency: 12-week ultrasound
  • Foetal morphology scan: 17-22 weeks
  • Growth scan: 23-42 weeks
  • Trice link to images

Total package price $800.00


This is a standard ultrasound procedure to confirm the health of the baby and is suitable between 17 and 22 weeks. The purpose of this scan is to ensure the healthy development of the baby, which will involve assessing many specific areas such as the foetal heart, spine, head, stomach, kidneys, face and facial structure.

This scan will identify:

  • Number of foetuses – single or twin pregnancy
  • Foetus measurements to confirm age and normal growth
  • Detailed structural review of the foetus to exclude foetal abnormalities
  • Placental position and cervical length
  • Gender (if desired by the parents)

Total package price $290.00


This package is recommended between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. If desired, we can also advise of the baby’s gender on the day of the scan.

Package includes:

  • A specialised growth scan including baby’s measurements, welfare studies using Doppler ultrasound
  • 3D/4D scan
  • Trice link to images

Total package price $350.00

Please note: Medicare rebates will be available if referrals are provided for these diagnostic scans.

Your ultrasound experts in Bella Vista and Westmead

All of our ultrasounds are performed in our professional hospital rooms at the Centre for Women’s Ultrasound centres in Westmead and Bella Vista. A/Prof. Indika and our medical professionals will always aim to provide a nurturing and comfortable environment for you and your family.